Study of German and music as a teaching candidate at sec. schools at hfm Saarbrücken and Saarland University

(1. Staatsexamen)


Study of Orchestral music (performance) with Viola with Prof. Jone Kaliunaite-Fassbender at hfm Saarbrücken (Diplom)


Supplementary studies of Jazz-und Popularmusik with Viola at hfm Saarbrücken (Diplom)


Master in classical music (performance) with Viola at hfm Karlsruhe with Prof. Johannes Lüthy



Masterclasses with:


Martin Outram

Kim Kashkashian

Thomas Riebl

Barbara Westpfahl

Tatjana Masurenko

Sebastian Buerger



  • fixed-term contract for season 2012/13 in Deutsche Radiophilharmonie
  • internship and casual work for Deutsche Radiophilharmonie Saarbruecken Kaiserslautern
  • casual work for Staatstheater Saarbruecken and Theater Trier
  • participation in international Jazzworkshops (with Viola, for example with Gilad Atzmon, Modern String Quartet)
  • 2009-2011 teaching at hfm Saar for Viola Schulmusik (teaching candidates)
  • viola sectionals for LJO Saar(youth orchestra of Saarland)
  • several first prizes at competition "Jugend musiziert" with Viola, Violine and piano accompaniment
  • scholarship to visit the Wagner Festspiele, Bayreuth by Richard-Wagner-Verband Saar
  • C-Exam in church music