Duo piano-voice

(with Anja Eva Kreutzfeldt, soprano)



Duo Concertante

(Duos for Violin and Viola   

with Juliana Soproni, Violin)





Viola/ piano solo 




Former projects and ensembles:


Duo piano- vocal "Tanten und Nichten"

with Moschgan Ebrahimi, vocal




Duo Viola with guitar (Jazz) 



Duo Viola with piano (Jazz)





Viola solo  




Konzentrat :   Scarlett Seither (vocal)

                     Petra Marcolin (viola)

                     Luis Cardoso (guitar)

                     Lukas Reidenbach (bass)

                     Dominik Rivinius (drums)


This band works with the principle of deconstruction: Each member arranges Jazzstandards in an extraordinary and inventive manner. 

First CD "Initium" is now available:




Duo Viola with Klavier (classical music) with Hristina Taneva



Basic Jazz Lounge:   Annika Pelzer (vocal)

                                Petra Marcolin (viola)

                                Luis Cardoso (guitar)

                                Lukas Reidenbach (bass)

                                Martial Frenzel (drums)

                                Oliver Strauch (Leitung) 


This band plays music by Charles Mingus